Due to the Singing Bowls’ therapeutic effects they are starting to be used in the health care world as well as in schools.

Special needs schools are finding them particularly beneficial due to their sensory effect caused by the vibrations along with the sound.

Massage therapists also find they can get very good results when placed upon the body, using the vibration of the bowl to treat specific aches and pains. As we are mostly water the vibration can travel through the human body, even penetrating the bone.

Sound is beginning to get recognised by the medical profession as beneficial for healing.

Singing bowls are used by yoga/mindfulness/meditation teachers, teachers in general with some schools starting assemblies or teachers using them to get the children’s attention in the classroom.

Musicians are beginning to incorporate them into their music.

Singing bowls are brilliant for relaxation and focusing the mind. In our world that gets seems to get ever more hectic and stressful learning how to stay calm amidst the chaos is a vital skill to learn.

With every day practice, Singing Bowls begin to benefit the user in the same way as practising mediation or yoga.