Sound Bath Sessions



Sound Baths are held monthly at 10am in 2 locations.  Rackham Old School near Storrington (West Sussex) and Hadlow Down Village Hall (East Sussex).  The Hadlow Down sessions will begin on October 1st. (Please email me if you would like to be informed on dates).

It is a group setting using a range of instruments, but focusing on the traditional Hand Hammered Singing Bowls and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls to help induce a deeply relaxing and meditative sate.

Sound Baths are beginning to get a lot of attention due to the relaxing and therapeutic benefits they offer.

My Sound Bath focuses mostly  on Himalayan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls (around 30 bowls) and I occasionally use a gong. I do include a range of other meditative instruments such as the Hand Pan and Monalina.

Sound Baths take you on a journey of Sound. It is like a 1 hour sound meditation inducing theta and beta waves in the brain (your sleep state and meditative state).  When you go into a deep relaxation it allows your body to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, slowing heart rate and breathing, lowering blood pressure and allows healing to occur.


What you do: The participant lies down, or sits if preferred, and closes their eyes while soothing sounds are played, washing over the body.


What to bring: Yoga mats are provided but some people like to bring extra mats or cushions to lie on. Please bring a pillow and blanket/duvet – whatever’s going to keep you nice and cozy.

It is advised to drink a lot of water after the session as toxins can be released the same as having the massage etc.

Everyone’s experience is personal and there is no way to predict how someone may feel during the session or afterwards.

We hope the experience would be deeply relaxing and induce a profound sense of calm.


Sunday Mornings 10am   


Sessions lasts for 1 hour.

(Space is limited so booking is essential)


West Sussex Address:

Rackham Old School, 

Rackham Street, Rackham,

Pulborough, West Sussex 

RH20 2EU


East Sussex Address:

Hadlow Down Village Hall

Hall Lane

Hadlow Down


TN22 4HG


Price £15 – Pay on arrival


Please book your spot via our contact section or email me directly


If you would like to be notified of future dates for the Sound Baths then please email me and I can add your email to my Sound Bath email list.


Video below is at Shoreham Ropetackle demonstrating a 15 minute Sound Bath before the showing of the film ‘Himalaya’.  (Please note, this was filmed on a small camera so speakers are not very good.)