Singing Earth is our beautiful sister shop opposite Singing Himalaya

Here your will find the more modern Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls in the Chakra colours and the 7 notes of the scale. Ideal for Sound Bath practitioners and musicians. We also stock 2 varieties of Gongs in assorted sixes, both Hand-Beaten with amazing resonance, bell like tones and crashes.


In the centre on the floor is a traditional stand inside Hand Beaten Singing Bowl, beautifully inlaid with footprints and other etchings. We are happy to demonstrate how this works if you visit our shop. A person sits on the chair with their feet inside inside the bowl. The bowl is then tapped on the outside with a beater. The vibrations then travel up your body, stimulating nerve ending in the feet and helping with relaxation.


We also sell chakra and planet chimes, salt lamps, crystals, throws and cushions plus much more. Our cushions go to support projects in India and are made from recycled saris and rags, supporting women’s groups and other tribal groups.

We have a range of throws/blankets in various colours made from cotton and also plastic bottles.  Our plastic bottle throws are made from 100% bottles, each one contains around 300 bottles.  Children in India get paid for all the bottles they collect and they are then processed into amazing throws.


All of Singing Earths products have been sourced ethically from suppliers who are trying to do something good with the people they are buying from.