Small Red


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Small Red

Weight 350g Size 9cm

Made from 5 metals (Lead, Tin, Copper, Iron and Zinc) with a clear and strong sound, these larger bowls give a deeper tone due to their size. Made by hand using a lathe.

Hand painted with writing in Sanskrit of the Om Mani Padme Om Mantra (A Buddhist Mantra meaning ‘The Jewel in the Lotus’), or sometimes the bowls depict different styles of Om (Om being the Sound that created the universe).

Each and every bowl is unique and individual, and the designs painted on each bowl may vary from the images shown.

Sometime there appears Shivas eyes (creator/destroy- er in Hinduism) and sometimes depictions of Buddhist symbols. There is always positive and up- lifting decorations and symbology on these bowls.

All our Singing Bowls include a velvet cushion and suede wrapped playing stick/beater, the correct size for the bowl.

While every effort is made to supply the cushion of your choice occasionally this is not possible. 

Guaranteed easy to play with a clear, strong sounds and lingering after resonance. We pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality Singing Bowls imported directly from India.

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Black, Royal Blue, Maroon Red