Small Gold Hand Hammered (2)



Small Gold Hand Hammered

Tone F. Heart Chakra

Weight: 500g Diameter 14cm Approx

Made the traditional way using a mixture of 7 metals (Gold, Silver, Lead, Tin, Copper, Iron and Zinc) with a clear and strong sound when played around the edge and a lasting after resonance with beats and harmonics. Listening to the after resonance of these bowls has been shown by monitoring people in EEG machines, to put your brain waves in a more meditative and relaxed state.

The main note of this bowl is an F, however due to it being hand hammered, other complimentary notes will come through, especially after pulling the stick away from the bowl.

A hand hammered bowl is always a unique work of art with its own range of sounds and beats. For tips on how to play and getting the best from your bowl, please see my ‘how to play section’ on this website.

This Singing Bowl includes a red velvet cushion and suede wrapped playing stick/beater, the correct size for the bowl.

Guaranteed easy to play with a clear, strong sounds and lingering after resonance. We pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality Singing Bowls imported directly from India.

Please note – The video below is demonstrating a bowl while tapped with the suede beater. – Deep sounds will come out more prominently when played around the edge.

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Cushion Colour

Black, Royal Blue, Maroon Red