Small 5 Buddha Inlay


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Small 5 Buddha Inlay

Weight 350g Size 9.5cm

Made from 5 metals (Lead, Tin, Copper, Iron and Zinc) with a clear and strong sound, these larger bowls give a deeper tone due to their size. Made by hand using a lathe.

Hand painted with writing in Sanskrit with the Om Mani Padme Om Mantra ( A Buddhist Mantra meaning ‘The Jewel in the Lotus’) around the outside and a raised inlay of 5 Buddhas and Buddhist symbols inside.

Each and every bowl is unique and individual and may vary slightly from images shown.

All our Singing Bowls include a velvet cushion and suede wrapped playing stick/beater, the correct size for the bowl.

While every effort is made to supply the cushion of your choice occasionally this is not possible.

Guaranteed easy to play with a clear, strong sounds and lingering after resonance. We pride ourselves on only selling the highest quality Singing Bowls imported directly from India.

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Cushion Colour

Black, Royal Blue, Maroon Red