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All of our bowls include the appropriate playing stick included within the purchase.

If however, you need a new stick – or wish to experiment with the different sounds each stick can bring out, please see our options below:


Small: 3 cm Approx Diameter 18 cm Approx Length

Small sticks are perfect for bowls smaller than 1kg.

Medium: 5 cm Approx Diameter 18 cm Length

Medium sticks are perfect for 1kg bowls – particularly if it is Hand Hammered.

Large: 7cm Approx Diameter 20 cm Approx Length

Large sticks are excellent for 1kg – 2.5kg Bowls

Felt Beater: 8cm Approx Diameter 31cm Approx Length

Felt beaters are perfect for the tapping Hand Hammered Singing Bowl. Tapping with felt brings out a softer tone than tapping with the swede beaters. You can often bring out different tones by tapping different parts of the bowl. It also brings out beats and harmonics and is an easy way to bring out the range of sounds from your bowl rather than playing around the edge.


Further Info:

We always supply sticks with a suede coating instead of plain wood as many suppliers do. This is because with the coating you generate just the sound of the bowl whereas with the wooden sticks you also get the metallic sound as you turn. We did try and make vegan stick using felt, however it does not have the friction required for bringing out sounds when played around the edge. Felt is very good for just tapping the bowl.

As the size of your bowl increases the larger the beater you will require, especially with hand hammered bowls. As they produce very strong vibrations they can kick the stick away from the bowl and a large beater will hold to the bowl for longer, allowing you to continue playing it. You can also sometimes ‘pull’ just the high note form a hand hammered bowl if using too small a stick. Sometimes if can be good playing around with stick sizes when using hand hammered bowls as you can draw different sounds from the bowl.


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