How we Began…..

My name is Sophie and Singing Himalaya is my beautiful business that was gifted to me by friends.

On my first visit to India I befriended a Dutch couple, Joe and Tiny, who I then went to visit in Holland. They were selling gorgeous, high-end gold Buddha and Goddess Statues.  Joe unfortunately was struggling with terminal cancer and has now passed away and as they had no children or anyone to continue the business, they passed it on to me.

I began exhibiting at shows and it became obvious that the Singing Bowls were what people were drawn to.  I took a leap of faith and decided to go full time and open a small shop in the village of Steyning in Sussex. Since then I haven’t looked back and have grown from strength to strength.

The quality of my Singing Bowls is what attracts my customers and people now travel from all over South East England to try my collection.
While working with the bowls they have now become a huge passion of mine. The different sounds they produce are always something new and watching the healing effect they have on helping people relax and come away from their thoughts has been amazing. I feel it is a great honor and gift to be able to help people find the sound that works from them. Particularly special is when the bowls help autistic children, people who are terminally ill, people suffering with anxiety and even troubled animals.

My love for the Singing Bowls has prompted me to go on and study Sound Healing with Singing Bowl Massage and I also now do weekly Sound Bath Sessions and event which I find as relaxing as the people who attend.

I now live in a small village in Sussex with my partner, son and 2 dogs.